The Best 20 Football Kits Of All Time, From Crushed Banana Stocks, England 1966 Strip And Nigerias 2018 Design

That shirt, where Sony replaced Danone as a t-shirt sponsor, and the Scudetto badge under two more small gold stars instead of the Juventus logo, was pure perfection. This kit somehow manages to be incredibly retro, but also very modern at the same time. From the thick neck to the old-school Nike logo, this shirt meets all the requirements of every box for its millennial kit lover. There is a subtle pattern in the fabric with elements from various repetitions of the Rome insignia, including the iconic Lupetto (“little wolf”) and the club’s initials.

The club name is written on the shirt with the number of each player on the front. In any case, the progress of football shirts has left us a gift, because we have seen some unique gems in recent decades and have gone through the same shirts. The inclusion of kits from local clubs and national teams was looked at. After all, of all kits, there are some that deserve to be on this list, from the English kit from 1982 to West Germany 1988.

Japanese club Vissel Kobe has never had this diamond pattern in its equipment before, but first used this look in January for the last Emperor’s Cup clash with Kashima Antlers. It worked when they won 2-0, although they may have had more to do with Iniesta and Villa playing for them. On the 150th anniversary, a black and red color was adopted for the Rangers visitor kit.

It consists of two shades of blue, with mint green accents that appear through the stripes, the sponsor, the brand and the top of the club. Yes, we love black football shirts and we don’t care how many get on this list. The first of some French shirts to occupy the legitimate places in the top 20.

Known as the “Banana stew”, which sounds more like a wrestling movement than a football shirt, the jersey took its nickname from its strong black and yellow horizontal zigzag. Arsenal won the FA Cup and League Cup with stars like Wright wearing it and is inextricably linked to that success. Fans’ interest was so great that the club’s website classic football shirts crashed within minutes of the sale. The only kit in the rankings that is better known because he is in a video clip than the one in the field. Bernard Sumner of New Order has worn this shirt as many times as English players after it was put on the “World In Motion” video, the official song for the English World Cup 1990 with Barnes rap.

Some inspired performances by Paul Gascoigne and Gary Lineker, among others, made the World Cup and were one of England’s most iconic fans in all of the country’s history. Perhaps River Plate was one of the most famous clubs in South America. Most football fans in the world can tell you the colors of the club, and this strip certainly doesn’t disappoint and sums up a lot of what the club really is South American. In modern football, the referees have different colors depending on the colors of the teams and how the visibility of the field is, but it cannot be denied, the black uniform is the most famous of the officers. Inspired by the iconic ’92 design, one of the most recognizable in club history, the Manchester United jersey finds the perfect balance between retro and progressive, perfectly in line with the spirit of adidas. Rework the iconic snowflake design by taking “Cloud White” and “Glory Blue” and joining them together as part of an optical art pattern designed on the fabric.

A fourth Italian kit in the top 10 and an immediately recognizable kit to surpass our ranking. Sampdoria may not have the Juventus or Milan trophy, but they have a great shirt to make up for that. Shortly after Santos was founded in 1912, the owners decided to change the colors of the club from white, blue-blue and golden lemon to simpler white with black trim.

The shirt that sees the club’s traditional stripes baffled in favor of a return to the blue striped shirt the team wore in the early 1980s. Given Nike’s recent penchant for elegant and modernist insoles, it’s funny that this shirt, among other things on its list, brings back an old school chain complete with a button and a minimalist shotgun. It has the traditional colors of the club: white and navy blue. It is a very clean aspect that has no other color accents: the yellow of this season’s kit is gone. Italian football saw some great shirts at the time, but this seems to be the best of them all. Used in the World Cup, which has hitherto been considered the best edition of the tournament, Italy confidently moved to the final with this simple yet elegant shirt.

On the right side of the chest is a classic white Adidas logo. Germany has a clear background in making epic football kits, but this is undoubtedly the best. This shirt contains the shadows of the Bundesflagge that take over the chest and the main problem is that in this shirt it was that the West German team won the World Cup.